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April 24, 2007

UNIX debuggers &

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It never ceases to surprise me, the number of different debuggers produced.

adb, sdb, gdb, dbx, mdb and edb.


I came across edb while trying to find a solution to a novel Oracle problem.

After compiling a newly amended Pro*C program, it failed to work, at all.

To investigate the problem, I ran the program under truss to see what was happening.

To my surprise, Oracle was making 50 attempts to open a network connection, and after failing 50 times, was exiting in an ungracious manor.

My next step I was planning to take was to run it through a debugger.

I started looking for all the usual culprits, but, disappointingly none seemed to be present.

As an alternative to attempting to get gdb compiled/installed, I attempted a search for any 3 letter programs ending db, and discovered the improbably named edb debugger. (Improbable, until I found out that it was written by Edinburgh Portable Compilers)

So I went off onto the internet to see if I could locate some documentation.

Unfortunately, while the website did still exist at that time (, the documentation was incomplete and/or corrupt.

It was then that an ex-collogue suggested that I try

And, while my employer had blacklisted the site, I popped over to the customer, and located several iterations of the companies’ website, replete with multiple iterations of the edb manual!

In the end, by the time that I had returned with my documentation, the problem had already been resolved by my original colleague.

And what was the cause of this odd behavior?

Well, the makefile had hard coded directories for the include files, and the wrong version of the sqlca structure had been used, and when linked with libraries from a different release, produced the original bizarre observed behavior.


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