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November 6, 2016

#ukoug_tech16 #ukoug_apps16 #ukoug_jde16 Food hygeiene

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For future visitors to the upcoming ukoug conventions at the icc in Birmingham I thought it might be useful to highlight a series of articles produced by the local rag, the Birmingham Mail.

Every 3 months the Birmingham mail does a report on the establishments in Birmingham that have achieved the ignominy of a zero food hygiene rating.

The most recent article is published here:

All 25 Birmingham city centre restaurants and takeaways rated ZERO food hygiene

The only troubling thing is the number of establishments who receive a zero food hygiene rating who receive another warning within the next 12 months.

We are due the next report soon, and I will update the post when it becomes available.


OT glmedia android app.

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The first purpose of this post is to see if google will index it, currently there are no hits for glmedia as a single word.

I currently have 2 android devices and a couple of weeks ago, both started displaying full screen adds in windows with the name glmedia and an Android icon. All the adverts redirected to the android play store.

They looked official, but were incredibly intrusive and I couldn’t find anything about glmedia on the internet.

I hadn’t installed any new apps recently, and the fact that it affected 2 devices at the same time made me think that this was an update from an existing app, rather than being an infection from a website.

I downloaded addons selector which found no malicious software, but it did list glmedia as an installed application and allowed me to uninstall it.

And the adverts stoped.

But I have no idea where it came from.

Anyone else with issues with this app?

Please share.

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