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January 8, 2014

Oracle Midlands #1

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I attended the first Oracle Midlands event last night.

Apart from the poor choice of hash tag, the inaugural event went well.

The 2 talks were by stalwarts of the SIG and conference circuit Tim Hall and Pete Finnegan and excellent as to be expected.

I have to admit, I’d attended both talks previously, Tims at a ukoug conference and Pete’s at this years uk oak table world conference.

I also have to admit, either Tim has updated the presentation since I last heard it, or I’d forgotten a lot. Pete’s talk, was much more recent in my mind, and my notes from the talk were still in my latest notepad, so I could compare!

It is apparent that Pete talks around his slides using them as an aid memoir, as while most of what he said was the same, it wasn’t in the same order as my notes. A sign perhaps as to how comfortable Pete is with his area of expertise.

I think a very high standard has been set with this first event, let’s hope we can keep this going at the same high level!


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