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December 9, 2013

UKOUG Oracle Scene

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I’ve only just noticed, it is now only the print edition of Oracle Scene that is a UKOUG member benefit.

The electronic edition can be accessed freely.

The latested edition has been announced on their facebook group:

Oracle Scene 51

However older (and special) editions can also be found here:
Oracle scene Issue 54
Oracle scene Issue 53
Oracle scene Issue 52
Oracle scene Issue 12c supliment
Oracle scene Issue 51
Oracle scene Issue 50
Oracle scene Issue 49
Oracle scene Issue 48
Oracle scene Issue 47
Oracle scene Issue 46
Oracle scene Issue 33 – 45

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December 7, 2013

The reveal – who laughed?

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first against the wall

Oak table world UK 2013 collateral #otwuk13

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I think most people understand the deal with UKOUG:

You do a presentation, you get a free pass.

UKOUG prefers new presentations on new topics that have not been presented before. Then you are expected to provide white papers and presentation slides for uploading to the website.

Oak table world ( is a slightly more informal affair, where presentations will be by Oak Table members and the topics can cover anything from spectrum games programming to the best of core oracle technical presentations.

For those that could make it and for those that couldn’t, but are still interested the following is a list of the presentations and the associated materials that I could locate on the internet.

Monday 2nd December 2013

Calculating Selectivity
09:00-10:00 Jonathan Lewis

I have been unable to locate a download of this presentation, however Johnathan’s blog states: “On Monday from 9:00 to 10:00 I’ll be presenting “Calculating Selectivity” (a shortened version of the presentation I’ll be giving at RMOUG 2014 in February)”
RMOUG have in the past made the presentation slides freely available, so we may need to wait till then for a copy of this presentation.

Hacking session: Advanced profiling of oracle using function calls
10:15-11:00 Frits Hoogland

I am presuming that this is the same presentation as the one he provided at the RMOUG 2013 conference.

Frits has conveniently posted a whitepaper here:

APEX for DBA’s
11:30-12:15 Iloon Ellen-Wolff

I am currently unable locate any handouts from Iloon associated with this session.

Her blog can be located here:

The keys to the kingdom – An Unexpected recovery tale.
12:40-13:25 Niall Litchfield

Niall has posted his presentation on prezi:

Diagnosing ASMlib
14:10-14:55 James Morle

While I have not found an associated download, the following blog post covers the same topic:

Cloudy Reality
15:25-16:10 Doug Burns

I haven’t found a copy of Doug’s presentation, but his blog can be located here:

Oracle 12c Automatic Data Optimization and Heat Map
16:35-17:35 Joel Goodman

Joel works for Oracle in various roles. Often his presentations are based on copyrighted Oracle content and usually no handouts are provided. (If you want access to the original material you can always go on the formal course!)

Joel blogs here:

Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Using Data Guard Broker
09:00-09:45 Marcin Przepiorowski

I haven’t found a copy of Marcin s presentation, but his blog can be located here:

Instant cloning and Data Agility
10:15-11:15 Kyle Hailey and Adam Leventhal

I haven’t found a copy of this presentation, but the respective blogs can be found here:
and here:

The Query Optimizer in Oracle Database 12c – What’s New?
11:30-12:30 Christian Antognini

This appears to be the same presentation form Oracle open world:

And following on from the presentation Christian has produced a bllg post where he answers a question raised during the session:

Securing PL/SQL
12:40-13:25 Pete Finnigan

Pete has provided the presentation here:

Hadoop for Oracle DBAs
14:10-14:55 Alex Gorbachev

I believe that these are the presentation slides for this session:

There is also a youtube podcast/presentation around these or similar slides:

Practical ASH
15:25-16:10 David Kurtz

While David has made the slides available here:
He actually recommends his white paper: on which the presentation was based.

Closing Keynote
16:35-17:35 Moans Nogood (mogens nørgaard)

There were no presentation slides, and I’m not sure if slides could really do justice to the presentation.

Apparently an important announcement was made by Mogens, James and Alex, but I’m sure they will be blogging about that themselves in the near future.

Too early for the big reveal!

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UKOUG Tech 13, a review (by a non attendee)

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I hadn’t expected to attend this years conference having given up my membership earlier this year, however due to unforeseen circumstances I was free on Tuesday 3rd December and resolved to pop up and catch up with friends and acquaintances.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the journey by road, with convenient parking close to both the convention center and my chosen hotel (The Juries Inn).

In lew of finding anyone I already knew, I adopted the first group of delegates I found that were seeking out post educational activities.

It became quickly apparent that there didn’t seem to be anything but upmarket/trendy drinking establishments within easy reach of the conference center and there were few enough of those.

It is with some fondness that I heard tales of the Tap and Spile mentioned and expressions of disappointment at the lack of a similar facility conveniently located close to the convention center.

After sampling both the local hostilities, I imposed myself on another unsuspecting group and moved on to a rather fine Indian restaurant. (‎)

I find it both strange and comforting that having split the bill ten ways an appropriate sum of £42 was required to satisfy the proprietor and providence.

In conclusion, the venue seems to be well supported with practical amenities, but slightly lacking in social ones. Possibly some further research is required of the area slightly father out, however I suspect, should the conference return to this venue, it might prove worthwhile making another appearance, however brief.

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