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December 2, 2011

The UKOUG mobile application – Brilliant in theory and quite good in practice!

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I downloaded the app the first time I had reliable Wi-Fi availability.

Pleasingly it appears it would have only grabbed about 7Mb of my 3G data allocation.

I should state that I’m an android user and my current phone of choice is an LG Optimus 940 3D.

Prior to this I owned the classic Nokia N95!

There are obvious but slight issues with the application.

The Twitter feed has an unfamiliar method of updating the twitter feeds (found under the News and social/Twitter tab) you have an update arrowed circle, but you sometimes get prompted to drag down for updates? A little unpolished!

Interests doesn’t seem to be enabled in the networking session, I suppose you could always add your interests to your profile!

And up till now, the agenda in the app appears to be updated after the standard online UKOUG agenda.

The above are all small issues, slightly more significant is the fact that your favourites appear to be recorded by steam and time. When the app was originally made available and the contents in the app were falling behind the agenda available online I took the opportunity to ‘like’ sessions that I knew had been cancelled and sessions that I knew had moved location or time.

Ultimately, the app obviously records ‘likes’ by time and by venue! If your favourite session movies your agenda will not be appropriately updated.

This is a significant fault, but being forewarned will hopefully resolve any issues for the readers of my blog!

I hope that users of the app will review the selected sessions before the conference starts to verify that the selected apps are still the ones originally selected.

On the plus side, I have downloaded 2 updates to the app today (although possibly the first update was available before today!) which hopefully indicates that there is a very proactive approach to pushing out updates!

Obviously there are some limitations to the app! But there is intelligent integration to twitter, linked-in and Google maps! The small amount of out of date information that I suspect will be remedied over the period of the conference, and the bits of the app that don’t appear to work on my phone are trivial and can be dismissed!

Overall, a huge new free benefit for members attending the conference, IMHOOC!


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