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November 20, 2011

Wednesday – UKOUG 2011 TEBS planned agenda day 4

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Thankfully everyone plans to make it into the conference for 9am on Wednesday!

9:00 – 10:00

Niall plans to attend Redo – presumably a repeat of the session from OAK table Sunday.

Boneist plans to attend Statistics on Partitioned Objects, presented by Doug.

While I approve of both the above choices, I plan to attend Oracle 11g Database: Automatic Parallelism – it sounds like something I need to worry about and it’s by Mr Goodman, Oracle educator par excellonce!

10:10 – 10:55

Niall and Boneist plan to see Using Oracle GoldenGate to Minimize Database Upgrade Risk.

Doug has chosen About multiblock reads, a poor choice if you ask me, as if you turned up on time on Sunday you could already have attended this session!

I’ll probably attend Best Practices for Managing Oracle WebLogic Server.

11:20 – 12:20

Doug and Boneist will attend Latch Internals in 2011.

Niall will attend Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache Overview.

There are several good sessions here! Not highlighted by Doug, Boneist or Niall: Amazon RDS, EC2 and S3 for Oracle Databases and Join Techniques.

However having read the session overviews, I’ll probably do the Latch Internals 2011 with Doug and Boneist.

12:30 – 13:30

A three way split, which is unsurprising given the competition.

Niall votes Oracle RAC One-Node: What, Why, & How.

Doug Votes PGA Memory Management Revisited.

Boneist votes Avoiding Execution Plan instability with SQL Plan Baselines.

Of the above, I’d choose PGA Memory Management Revisited, However I plan to attend the Optimizer Roundtable, but I’d also mention ‘Practical uses for the APEX Dictionary’ that I’ve previously seen at the APEX SIG and is potentially useful if APEX is your thing.

14:25 – 15:10

Niall votes Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Database Tuning for Packaged Applications.

Boneist votes for this and also votes for Faster, Leaner, More Efficient databases – Index Organised Tables.

Doug neglects to vote.

I’ll be attending the Migrating 1500 Forms modules to Apex session!

15:20 – 16:05

Niall goes with Simulating Workloads with RAT and Simora.

Doug and Boneist vote for Is This The Future of Load & Performance Testing?

My vote goes with Oracle Linux and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel: Status Update and Overview.

16:15 – 17:00

For the final session this year Doug selects Transaction Analysis & Diagnosis using Profiling.

Boneist selects Nialls’ session What shape is your data?, which Niall is also attending.

Having attended the last ever UNIX SIG at which Niall presented ‘What shape is your data?’ as the last ever UNIX SIG presentation, I thoroughly recommend this session. OTOH, as I’ve previously supped at this fountain already, I’ll be at the other session with Doug!

Then it’s a visit to my favorite hostelry, that always has Herefordshire Pale Ale on tap and then the trip home.


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