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November 17, 2011

Four (good) days in December

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Obviously I refer to the UKOUG 2011 TEBS Conference!

It is again that time of year, with the agenda published, when we begin to prepare.

Apart from obviously reviewing the now available online conference agenda, several people each year post online their own personal planned agendas.

Currently I have found three agendas posted.

Doug Burns has posted his planned agenda here:

Niall Litchfield has presented his proposed agenda here:

And Boneist has done likewise here:                                                                             

So I have 3 sources to compare my preferences and whims against!

So to my choices, compared with the experts choices:

Day one.

Very pleasingly, there is a welcome return of the Oak Table day!

This occurs on Sunday and has limited places available with a requirement that the day is only available to people who have booked all three days at the main conference.

The first session:

12:15 – 13:15 Mogens Norgaard vs Jonathon Lewis.

Pleasingly both Niall and Boniest agree with my preference for Mr Nogood, Doug unfortunately doesn’t express a preference.

The basis of my decision is based partly on availability/access. While Jonathon makes multiple SIG presentations over the year that overlap with the topics he presents at the UKOUG conference, presentations by Moans are rarer.

This is reinforced by the occasions where Moans attempts to burn down his house, where he still attended the conference but failed to present.

Although he still made his customary appearances at all bar one!

Ultimately, while Jonathans’ presentation will make me a better DBA, Moans presentation will be more entertaining!

13:25 – 14:10 Frits Hoogland vs. Martin Widlake.

Neither Doug nor Boneist have indicated a preference for this slot.

Niall has voted Martin

While I spent an extremely pleasant evening with both Niall and Martin (amongst one other) at Birminghams’  best real ale establishment during last years’ UKOUG conference, I’m voting Frits!

While I appreciate the value of IOTs, I’m currently working on a very well established system and I know that there are substantially less exotic ways to optimise our systems before adopting IOTs.

OTOH, multiblock reads have apparently changed and this is the subject that is most likely to impact me in my current role!

14:35 – 15:20 Christian Antognini vs Connor McDonald

The first session voted on by Doug is for Connor.

Boneist votes for Christian and Niall votes for Connor.

I have attended sessions by Christian before. I have his book. Jonathon Lewis recommends his book. This will undoubtedly be an excellent session.

OTOH, apparently Connor is from Australia and his presence at the UKOUG conference is a rare event.

My vote currently is with Connor, only because of the votes by Doug and Niall although I’m open to persuasion!

15:30 – 16:15 James Morle vs Wolfgang Breitling

Doug, Niall and Boneist all vote for Wolfgang.

That was also my initial inclination.

The first ever presentation that I attended at a UKOUG conference that left me dumbstruck was by Wolfgang. Before that session I had no convincing explanation as to what the cost of a query was in Oracle explain plan terms.

Wolfgang is one of those giants on whose shoulders,  Johnathan Lewis (amongst others) stand upon.

James Morle, OTOH has a breadth of knowledge that can be extremely insightful in the real world.

This is my fist dilemma, as yet undecided!


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  1. Well Big Dave, if you are not going to come and see my talk – We’ll just have to go to the pub again!
    You get another chance to see it on Wednesday…

    Comment by mwidlake — November 19, 2011 @ 7:46 pm | Reply

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