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December 3, 2008

ukoug 2008

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It seems to be 8 months since I last blogged. Unfortunately my work seems to be becoming less and less oracle related. However with the onset of the 25th anniversary UKOUG conference, I do have a little to blog!

Much of the excitement this year has related to the launch of the exadata machine, which is perhaps best described as a Data Warehouse accelerator.

In technical terms, some of the processing that was previously performed by the database server has been offloaded to ‘intelligent’ Disk arrays.

Ultimately, a little very clever software has been used to leverage high end commodity hardware to produce a relatively cheap very fast Data warehouse machine. Moving Oracle even father ahead of SQL*Server in the crucial Decision management arena.

However as this technology has little relevance to my current customer, I skipped most of the sessions on exadata apart from the demonstration of Oracle’s exadata simulator.

Unlike some attendees, it is not my intention to blog about all the sessions that I attend, ultimately I attend the sessions to learn myself, and without independent investigation, I lack confidence that I could fully relate their content accurately.

What I do intend to do, is relate some of the information from the round tables that I attend. It is my opinion that the frank exchange of information between experts that these sessions consist of is highly valuable, and without formal slides available for obvious reasons should be documented and disseminated.


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