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July 17, 2007

ORA-600 [15015] revisited.

Filed under: ORA-600 — bigdaveroberts @ 1:50 pm

Well Oracle has produced an analysis of the problem based on one of the hundreds of trace files produced.

With hindsight, one of the symptoms I should have mentioned in my original post was that when logging into sql*plus you received an error indicating that the set_application_info procedure was invalid.

Oracles conclusion was that due to a bug in Oracle(1867501). Sometimes if a process connects to Oracle as SYSDBA and issues commands while the database is starting up, the SGA can be corrupted.

From the point that this happens, then all of the following errors (including the ORA-600) are secondary.

I do like the response in the fact that it fits my favored scenario of being caused by an unforeseen side effect of a change. I am however suspicious, because the change that involved scheduling a script to regularly connect to the database as SYSDBA and run a script was implemented more than 12 months ago. So I am still concerned that one of the more recent changes may also be implicated as a secondary cause of the problem.

OTOH the information Oracle has given us allows us to make a change that will avoid the problem in future!

If anyone else encounters the same error, I would be interested in any information you have with regards to what you may have recently done to your system!


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