Oracle Observations

May 23, 2007

Where are those tnsnames entries defined?

Filed under: SQL*Net — bigdaveroberts @ 3:53 pm

One thing that surprised me when running oracle utilities through truss was the first location that Oracle tries to find the tnsnames data from.

Rather that looking in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin or $TNS_ADMIN for tnsnames.ora, it appears that the first thing it does is look in the .tnsnames.ora file in the current working directory.


How do you change the alert icons in Forms 6i? (and regedit sysinternals)

Filed under: Oracle forms — bigdaveroberts @ 3:46 pm

Easy, in only 2 steps:

Firstly, you need to edit the appropriate UI_ICON registry entry to add a new path for forms icons ahead of the default path.

Then, in this new directory you can then create 3 icons: caution.ico, stop.ico and note.ico.

When your forms application runs and displays an alert box, instead of the 3 default icons for each of the alert types, the icons you have specified will be displayed!

Further, should you wish to, many of the buttons in Forms builder (and presumably other tools) can be re-defined.

All you need to do is get hold of the regmon utility from sysinternals (Now distributed by Microsoft at ) and set it to tell you about all the icon files that ifbld60.exe is attempting to open, and by correctly identifying which icon corresponds to which button, it is possible to replace the buttons with your own creations!

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